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My Care Colorado was founded in 2010. After searching the market for sustainable pain products with no side effects or harmful ingredients and finding none i thought that there needed to be something done about this problem.  I found that most products on the market including perscription are designed to cover up the symptoms rather than treat the source of the problem.

Organic Pain Salve was born after I experienced a very serious snowmobile accident in 2009.  I shattered my femur in three places and broke my ankle in two places, requiring several surgeries.  I now have a steel rod in my femur and two screws in my ankle.  In 2004 I had already been in a very serious motorcycle accident that nearly took my leg, and left me with a rod in my tibia.  I have chronic swelling that causes wide spread body pain daily.  Simple things like barometric pressure changes or a long day on my feet leave me with inflammation and severe pain.  This use to affect my overall quality life and limited my ability to perform daily tasks.

My doctor would prescribe me percocet and oxycodone, however while I could achieve pain relief.  I found that the damage I was doing simply because I could not feel the pain was worse that the pain itself.  Causing me to need more and more medication, more frequently.  My body was suffering from the harmful medications i was taking and the damage i was causing when I could not feel the pain.  I found that for pain relief this was not sustainable long term. 

I have found that inflammation in and around the joints & nerves causes most bodily pain.  I reversed the pain process by treating the source of the pain rather than simple covering it up.  The reason most products today do not work long term is that many have harmful ingredients and toxins buildup when used for long lengths of time only adding to the problem because inflammation is caused by toxins building up.

My Care Colorado Pain Salve combines Organic Herbs hand selected for their powerful medicinal properties and organic therapeutic grade essential oils.  Our products are designed to treat the source of pain by reducing inflammation, improving circulation and breaking up toxins, allowing your body’s natural balance to be restored.  My Care Colorado products are 100% organic food grade ingredients and contain the highest quality organic extra virgin olive oil, organic therapeutic grade essential oils, organic butters and organic herbs. You can be confident you are buying the finest handcrafted products available on the market.   Made in Colorado

My Care Colorado Organic Body Butters are a combination of natures most luxurious skin moisturizers made from 100% organic food grade ingredients.  As with all My Care Colorado products everything is designed to treat the source not simple cover up the symptoms.  Organic body butters have a high concentration of vitamins A,E,F and the essential fatty acids which protect and throughly hydrate the skin.  Created with simplicity in mind that with quality ingredients that there is no need for all the other stuff added to the products these days.  The skin is the biggest organ in the body and everything that is applied topically is absorbed into the blood stream.  Be mindful of the ingredients in the products you use. 

I’m confident our Organic Pain Salve & Organic Skin Care Line will be as effective for you as it has been for my clients, family and myself.  At My Care Colorado we will always provide you the best products available as if you were making it yourself, being conscience of the ingredients and diligent through every step of the process providing you the highest quality handcrafted products available on the market.  Blessings and thank you for your support of our local Colorado company!

~ Jason Castellano

President/CEO , My Care Colorado

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