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I am a runner.  I've been running since I was 12 years old.  I started experiencing injuries more frequently at about the age of 40.  My knees started bothering me at about the age of 53.  I thought my running days were over because there was nothing I could do about the knee pain.  I started using the pain salve about a year ago on my knees.  At first I wasn't sure it was working, but, after awhile, I noticed a big difference.  I now rub it on anytime I run.  I just completed the Bolder Boulder 10k race in 53:01, or an 8:31 pace per mile.  I am 57 years old.   I love the stuff!  I love running and this has kept me in the game.

Phillip Lopez

Dear My Care Colorado,

I work outdoors and my hands are constantly wet, dry, dirty, forth. This has made my hands dry, cracked, rough and ugly. My Care Colorado makes a whipped Shea butter that I have started applying after my shower when I get home. In the past few days my hands have gotten softer and have begun to heal. Thank you My Care Colorado and your amazing products. I've also been using the salve on my knees and elbows to help with minor aches and pains and I couldn't be happier with the results.


Dear My Care Colorado,
Thanks so much for everything!
"My daughter was diagnosed with a terminal illness when she was born called Cystic Fibrosis. Along with this she also has juvenile arthritis, which causes her a significant amount of pain and lots of hospital visits. Recently I came across the pain salve from an old friend, and it has changed ours lives. Because of my daughters age and her disease narcotics were not an option, thanks to this product my little girl has found relief and can just be a kid again! "


Dear My Care Colorado,

I love these products. Ever since I was a kid EVERYTHING I did ended up with a scar.  My healing was so slow.  Now healing  happens so fast—pain gone so fast—and NO scarring.  I came across these products by happenstance and now will not be without them.  For me, these products have been a miracle for me.  Thank you My Care Colorado!



I am very pleased with the 2 ounce container of Pain Salve that I ordered. I ordered it back on Thursday and by last night (saturday) when I arrived home from work, it was here! Shipping was very prompt and the customer service was outstanding!

- Jonathan (Menomonee Falls, WI)


I was very impressed with My Care Colorado and their pain salves. The pain salve's ability to get rid of headaches and other pain in a matter of seconds was astounding! I'm a 4th year medical student and I have never heard of anything that is completely all natural, yet works so well on a such variety of pains. This pain salve is a product that every person should have.
-Brett (Bellevue, NE)

I used the Pain Salve I bought from My Care Colorado on my toe where I have gout and, in two days, it healed it right up. It really is a good product!

- Mike (Milwaukee, WI)

“I just wanted to thank you very much for making this product available! I have been looking for an all natural alternative to my skin and muscle therapy needs for a while now. This product seems to be the solution! My skin is very sensitive and this does not make my skin break out like most of the other salves I've tried. With the right application I have also found great relief for my back aches. Receiving and giving massages are AMAZING with this product. I have tendonitis in my hands that use to be a daily nuisance, but shortly after applying this product on other problem areas, I found that my hands stopped hurting. I didn't have to take anything for the pain on a daily basis any more. THANK YOU My Care Colorado for the holistic approach on this salve, as well as providing it at an affordable price. Hopefully this will inspire others to continue your philosophy on health care by providing QUALITY PRODUCTS THAT WORK. Have a great day!”

~ Gary

“The muscle salve provided by My Care Colorado is a great product. I use if for my sore arms and legs at the end of a long day of work and it starts soothing almost instantly. There is no problem for using a little extra if needed, depending on the severity of the pain. With a small hint of menthol aroma, it is a lot easier on the senses than other products used for sore and aching limbs. I would recommend this product to anyone for its versatility and effectiveness.” ~Zach

“I just picked up a 1oz tin of salve and I really like it.- the texture is awesome, it was really fresh and applied very smoothly. I covered my right forearm on a lot of scars and soft tissue and my skin is loving it! It really has been nice, just the first application left a difference between my arms. My skin has a nice health shine and smells great- It smells amazing! I was also happy that it didn't have any type of cooling or warming pain full sensation like most products i've tried- Really excited to see some more new products from you guys thanks!”  ~ Luke

“My Care Colorado thank you for the sample pain salve.  I put it on my arthritic hand and and within five minutes I was just about pain free.  This hand will need surgery and I've been in extreme pain for a couple of weeks once the cortizone shot stopped working.  Your salve was fantastic!  Secondly, I put my back out on Saturday.  I picked up a salve on Sunday and I put it on my back.  Within fifteen minutes I could do all the chores awaiting me and walk up the stairs without grunting and groaning.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  I will be recommending your product for my family members and any friends that mention that they are in pain.

It is a fantastic natural product worth trying for anyone who lives with pain.”


Thanks again,


“I was amazed at the amount of relief I got from My Care Colorado's Pain salve. I was in a car wreck, last month,  in which I broke my heel and twisted my knee. I was prescribed pain medication, which I took for a couple weeks, but couldn't stand how it clouded my thinking. I was desperate for a pain solution that didn't cause me to forfeit my sanity. That is when I discovered the fore mentioned pain salve. I am so thankful that this natural pain and inflammation solution is available because it allowed me to have relief and clarity. I am so thankful! This is a wonderful product that I recommend to anyone who needs relief from pain and inflammation.”

Thanks again,


“I do a lot of stretching, twisting and other strenuous actions as a Professional Window Cleaner.  I currently have a pinched nerve in my neck which causes me quite a bit of discomfort, whether I am working or not.  I previously would pop a couple of ibuprofen every few hours to deal with the aches and pains in my neck and shoulders.  I never really used any of the other top brands of muscle soothers, but I was immediately impressed with My Care Colorado’s all-natural product.  The pain in my neck was gone within minutes and then I rubbed some more on my hands.  As all window cleaners know, your hands take a tremendous beating, from dryness and cracking to swelling and numbness.  Not only did my hands feel better but the salve absorbed into my skin without any greasiness.  It’s very concentrated so you don’t have to use a lot.  I would definitely recommend that you at least try this, you will see for yourself how great it works!”


Thanks My Care Colorado!


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